12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas is the period between Christmas Day and January 6th.  In the History of the Church this is between the celebration of the birth of Christ and the visit of the wise men or Magi on Epiphany.  Here at Traversing Roads Yonder we will be publishing a new blog every day of this period on a practice for implementation in your daily life to help you achieve the life you want.

Hopefully you practice many of these in your life already.  But if there are any of these you don’t practice this could be the motivation you need to implement these in your life.

Here are our 12 Days of Christmas:

Day 1 – Meditation – benefits and purpose

Day 2 – Routines – what they are and how to develop them

Day 3 – Exercise – What to focus on and ways to make it fun

Day 4 – Diet – enjoying what you eat

Day 5 – Sleep – How to get the most of the limited time you have

Day 6 – Multiple Streams of Income – different ideas for earning money

Day 7 – Personal Relationships – repairing damaged relationships

Day 8 – Leading – Leading yourself, your boss, and those who follow you

Day 9 – Gratitude – Why it is important to be Thankful

Day 10 – Brain Games – exercising the “little grey cells”

Day 11 – Hobbies – How hobbies can help balance your life

Day 12 – Reading – What reading does for your brain and some of our favorite reads

We will include resources we use in our daily lives, links to sites and things we like, and practical steps to help you implement these actions and behaviors in you life.  Our hope is that you can take one or more of these to implement in your life right now.  Later this year we will be doing a series of blog posts on Self Assessments.  Need some coaching for your business or your life?  Call us today (425) 205-8810 Currently offering new clients a $250 off offer.  One month of coaching for only $750!!