Meditation – Practice and Implementation


Meditation is a practice where an individual focuses his or her mind on a thought or activity to achieve a clear mind and become emotionally calm. Meditation is practiced in religious traditions and beliefs. Meditation has a positive health benefit for psychological, neurological and cardiovascular systems. Meditation can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain or may be used to process life choices and think through complex problems.

Many people incorporate listening to music or reading scripture for meditation.  Others use exercises like yoga to help bring about a state of meditation.  You can also rehearse affirmations, or positive sayings to give yourself a psychological boost.

One of my favorite sources for affirmations is from a fellow coach at Pinch Me Living:

Here are images of your brain before and after meditation

How meditation changes your brain

The importance of meditation is that it helps you take the focus off of you and lets your mind focus on things around you.  Meditation often helps with problem solving and thinking through next steps.

The key to developing a successful practice of meditation in your life is having a consistent time of day in your schedule for meditation.  Often people have their time of meditation in the morning, but you can do it whenever it is most convenient for you. Even incorporating multiple times of meditation in your day is possible.  Meditating in the morning at noon and before bed can provide great peace and calm to your life.

Looking for a great book to begin your practice of here is a book by John Eldredge I love and have used at times in my life’s journey of meditation:

Looking for more resources for achieving the life you want see what is available here: