Coaching Services can cover a wide range of approaches and topics.  “Every dream you imagine, everything you see and hear and feel in your sleep, that’s not a fantasy, that’s your deep instinct telling you it can all be real. Follow those visions and dreams and desires, and believe what you know. Only you can turn those dreams into reality. Never stop until you do.”  —Tim S. Grover

Coaching services are used to help discover your purpose, move you forward to your goals and dreams, help you plan for the future and just about any topic on which you may need help deciding.  As coaching is about the person being coached whatever topic you want to be coached on is valid.  The methods and systems I use will work with anyone and anything.  That said, most of my coaching services have centered around 3 areas of life–Business & Leadership,  Marriage, and Intentional Living.  I have a number of resources I have used in my life and with clients through the years on my Guide Book page which you can check out here:

Coaching Services:

Business / Leadership

A few of the topics I coach on in this category:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Budgeting
  • Lean Thinking
  • Management
  • Scheduling


A few of the topics I coach on in this category:

  • Dating / pre-marriage
  • Home life
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Raising kids
  • Finances

Intentional Living  

A few of the topics I coach on in this category:

  • Life purpose
  • Career
  • Spiritual development
  • Leaving (living) a legacy
  • Retirement

Because we are all unique and different, fro coaching services I don’t use a set approach.  On our initial session we will discuss how often to meet, where to meet, when to meet, and how long our coaching relationship will go on.  My fee for coaching is $1500.00 payable in installments if necessary.  This includes resources you will be given, and costs related to our coaching sessions.  We will customize our approach to get you to where you want to be as quickly as possible.

Call or text 425-205-8810 for scheduling your coaching session!  




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