Personal Relationships

Personal Relationships

Personal relationships are the most important part of life.  We are born into a family system that contains at least a mom, most likely a dad and sometimes siblings.  We attend school, church, play sports, live in a neighborhood, go to the library, etc all things that involve other people and relating to them.

Personal relationships are tough though.  It is easy to be nice to people you interact with on a limited basis, but people you live with can be difficult.  All people are selfish to some degree and this make personal relationships a challenge to mange.

When relationships go bad, how do we repair them?  The first question to ask is, “Is it worth it?” Sometimes the other person is a drain on your life.  If they are a toxic person to you there is no need to repair the relationship.  The second question to ask, “What did I do to contribute to this broken relationship?”  There are always at least 2 sides to an issue.  Once you know where you made a mistake it often helps to see how to mend the relationship which is the third step.  Humility is key in repairing relationships.

The repair process is not easy and can be painful for you to see where you need to make changes in your life to become a better person.  The thing about personal relationships though is that they are vital to our survival.  We need others in out lives.  The important relationships are the ones we need to keep and protect.  But, relationships need to go both ways.  It is a give and take, not a one for one, but there needs to be somewhat of a balance in the relationship for it to work.

Life coaching is a great tool in dealing with personal relationships.