Diet, Eating What You Like

Diet, it is something many of us resolve to do at the turn of the year.  Often the image that crops into peoples minds is like the picture above.  A plate with minimal vegetables for a meal.  There are a bazillion diets and diet programs out there.  It seems every 6 months or so a new panel of “experts” will be pushing for a new type of diet plan.  Do I cut out proteins?  Do I cut out carbs? What about Sugars or dairy?   What about this slogan: Diet, eating what you like?

The fact is diet is an important part of life for us.  Keeping our body healthy is vital to brain health and success in life.  Unhealthy people miss more work than healthy people.  Unhealthy people often can’t keep up with the physical demands that healthy people can.

The biggest thing about dieting is that you need to find something that works for you.  Everyone is different.  You know what foods make you feel blah.  When considering a diet it is good to seek the advice of a medical professional.  You might not have to remove all carbs or all proteins, but maybe some have a greater negative effect on your system.  You need to find a program that lets you develop healthy habits and one that you can control and keeps you off the “diet cycle” on which many people find themselves.






One of the other approaches to dieting is timed diets.  Intermittent fasting is one approach to this.  This involves not necessarily changing your diet, but changing your eating habits.  With intermittent fasting you either set up a schedule of fasting hours in your day, or schedule a few days a week (like a Tuesday or Thursday) where you fast for the whole day.  If you love all foods like we do here at Traversing Roads Yonder, this might be an effective way of improving your overall health through dieting.