Daily Routines, Morning or Evening

Daily Routines, Morning or Evening

Daily Routines are an important part of improving your life.  Daily routines help you stay organized, focused and add structure to your day.  You can implement a routine in the morning or evening or both.  Routines do not have to take a long time.  They can include anything you want to help you stay focused and organized.  Many people use checklists, read, listen to music, or watch videos.  The thing about routines like many of the practices we will be discussing in this series is they are individualized.  Find what works for you and what you enjoy and the time of day when it will be most impactful for you.  You can incorporate Meditation in your daily routines too.

Benjamin Franklin was a big proponent of daily routines.  Way back when he was alive and affecting the fledgling United States he saw the need for and importance of scheduling your time and having a period in the morning and evening that was consistently structured.  He is an example of Benjamin Franklins daily schedule with his Morning Routine:

Some people will tell you that reading email is a detriment to your day, but other people prefer to incorporate reviewing email at the start of their day (https://amylynnandrews.com).  This isn’t about what other people do to make their lives a success, but what you can do to make your life a success.  There is plenty of material out there about great business leaders and their daily routines, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Margaret Thatcher, Stephen Covey,…

What readings, activities, meditations and practices will you incorporate into your routines?  How will adding routines change your daily schedule? Will you have to get up earlier?  Go to bed earlier? OR can you fit in a routine in your current schedule?

Not everyone does routines, but we at Traversing Roads Yonder believe in the importance of this habit and practice, and there is plenty of evidence out there to show how developing a routine can be a benefit to your life.