What’s Your Story?










What’s Your Story?

As a Life Coach I get a chance to talk with many different people about their failures and successes, their challenges and opportunities, their dreams and their goals–Their Story!  It doesn’t matter what place you are in life, what your status is, or the limited opportunities currently available to you, EVERYONE can get to a better place, one where they truly want to be.  Often times it is limiting beliefs that keep people from the success they long for.  Whether drilled into them by parents, teachers, peers or spouses, many people are fearful of real success or feel that they don’t possess the skills and/or abilities to really achieve the things they dream of.  I believe dreams are powerful and are implanted in us for a reason.  History is full of stories of people who dreamed. Full of stories of people who accomplished much.  From the Age of Exploration, The Renaissance, The ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome are all great examples of dreams being accomplished.  We see great examples of dreams becoming reality in modern times too, from The Great Awakening to the end of Apartheid, or the tearing down of the Berlin wall and Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech about his dream for a society in the United States where skin color was not an issue.  Dreams also launch companies, Amazon, Starbucks, Facebook, FedEx….all companies that were the result of the dreams of others.

What’s your story?  What is your dream?  What do you really want to be doing?

For me, I have a few.  Writing a book, working with orphans in India and teaching them about their value and worth,  Traveling around the world, and helping people realize their dreams.

The dreams you have are unique to you.  There is a void to fill in your life and sphere.  Failing to pursue those dreams means someone else may have to do what you have been called to do.

Sometimes, a time of preparation is needed.  Sometimes you need a team to accomplish your goals and dreams.  Don’t stop pursuing because not all is lined up.  Keep pushing ahead and see what great things you can accomplish and how fulfilled you will be in making your dreams a reality.

What is Your Story?

Check out this video by Big Daddy Weave! A dream of a few talented musicians, each with their own story, and an important message to share!  I also included a little extra here,  same song, but a cover by a young Dazzle Frazzed who also has a dream and a story.