Good morning😊, today’s post will be one on history about one of my favorite U.S. Presidents.

On this day in 1987, Ronald Reagan told Mikael Gorbachev in a speech while visiting Berlin, to “tear down this wall”, referencing of course the Berlin Wall, which became the symbol of oppression and communism during the “Cold War”.



imageWalls are built for protection, privacy, comfort, and security.  Sometimes they are built to hide secrets, for confinement, and to keep others away.

Reagan believed in a free world, one without these walls separating people from their briers and sisters and countries from their neighbors. Tearing down the Berlin Wall was a huge step in bringing freedom to the world.

Are there “walls” in your life you have built up, not for good reasons, but for the wrong reasons? ┬áMaybe walls between loved ones, friend, family, that you need to tear down? ┬áConsider that today and enjoy the freedom you will find in living your life without walls!