Summer (or Winter) Reading

Today’s post will be slightly different than my usual Words of Wisdom Wednesday posts.  Generally, I like to put up a and discuss a quote that I feel is motivational, humorous or paradigm shifting.  This post will actually be tapping into the wisdom (knowledge and intellect) of the richest man in the world.  I came across this article last week via  The article I am referring to is by Geoffrey James, titled

7 Cool books That Bill Gates Loves

bill gates
Bill Gates shares his summer reading

This is an invaluable list.  If you have ever had the fortune to be mentored by someone who is successful and making a difference in their sphere of influence, it is a great practice to find out what they are reading and to do your best to digest those resources too.  I have one such mentor in my life, and when he recommends a book, I go and get a copy for myself to read.  I have yet to find one of his suggested readings lacking impact, fulfillment, or substance.

As Geoffrey James indicates in his article, the most impressive thing about this list of books from Bill Gates, is that he would choose to share his reading with anyone who would be interested.  Whether or not you agree with everything contained in these books, Bill Gates’ power and influence in this world is too important not to pay attention to what he is reading.  I encourage you to acquire a copy some of these following works for your own reading time this Summer (or Winter season for my friends Down Under).  I have included the resources here with a link to Amazon for you.

Bill Gates recommended Readings

    • [amazon asin=1451666179&text=Hyperbole and a Half – by Allie Brosh]
    • [amazon asin=1451675046&text=The Magic of Reality – by Richard Dawkins]
    • [amazon asin=0544272994&text=What If? – by Randall Munroe]
    • [amazon asin=0615314465&text=xkcd: volume 0 – by Randall Munroe]
    • [amazon asin=1555976891&text=On Immunity – by Eula Biss]
    • [amazon asin=0393310728&text=How to Lie with Statistics – by Darrell Huff]
    • [amazon asin=1118278720&text=Should We Eat Meat – by Vaclav Smil]


If you are looking for other books this summer that are a good read from topics such as Business/Leadership, Family Life, or Intentional Living, I have plenty of resources I use regularly for coaching clients listed on my Guide Book page ‎ check it out!