Rejection – Redirection


Rejection - Redirection
Rejection – Redirection


My wife and I attended a meeting of a writers group a few weeks ago, the Northwest Christian Writers Association (NCWA).  It was a great experience, connecting with other local writers, and sharing our hopes and dreams, and learning from each other.  One of the terms I picked up during the evening was Redirection.  Maybe you have used this term frequently or have adapted it to your life and circumstances on a regular basis.  I had not up to this point.  The NCWA uses the term “Redirection” in place of “Rejection”.  I see that the subtle difference in words creates a big difference in the feeling of the message.  Rejection – Redirection.

We all face times when our ideas are not shared by the larger group, our choices are not the choices of the whole population, or our decisions are only supported by a few.  When, it comes to writing and publishing, many times an author has to approach a dozen or more publishers before getting one to accept his/her manuscript.

When faced with a “no” from one entity: (company, coach, publisher, suitor), what do you do? Do you look at the “no” as an end-point or as a redirection?

What is your ultimate goal?

Publication is the goal of most writers.  As a blogger, self publication is a great tool, but gathering a following can be a challenge.  Writing ebooks has become fairly popular lately, in part due to the ease of publication.  Writing a best seller can be more difficult.

Do you see your path to your goals and dreams, one with a stop sign, or a detour?  That is really the difference between these two words rejection and redirection.  One stops you in your forward momentum, the other keeps you going but in  a slightly different direction.

My encouragement today is “Keep at it”.  Take the detour and don’t stop.  You have something important to say, be or do. Rejection – Redirection.