One Life, One Story

One life, one story

One life, one story.

In remembering September 11, 2001 this past weekend I was reminded of the heroic stories of the people who did what was necessary despite the circumstances in which they found themselves.  The first responders who went into the burning buildings to save others, while most likely knowingly giving up their own lives.  The people who diverted and crashed the plane which had been on course to the White House.  The people on the ground who help escort others away from the Twin Towers as they fell.  The medical personnel that treated the multitudes of people being brought to the emergency rooms in New York city and Washington D.C.

There is also the military that responded to the threat to us by taking the battle back to the enemy.

Many of the remembrances though, focus on the lives of people who perished in the attack.  The courage, duty, compassion, selflessness, love, purpose and strength.  People who lived their lives well.

One life, one story,

Although there were thousands of people who perished in these attacks, each person was an individual.  Each one was a friend, family member, co-worker, class mate or neighbor to someone.  Each person had a life and a story.

It is these lives and stories we remember now 15 years after this fateful day.

We all only have one life and one story.  What will you do with yours?  None of us know when our time on this earth will end.  Will it end in a terrorist attack like this?  A drive by shooting? A fight against cancer or a heart attack? Maybe a car accident?

What story does your life tell?  Is it one of helping others, of building them up, of empowering and holding people accountable?  Is your life one focused on leaving an enduring positive legacy?

One life, one story.  How does your story read?

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