Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Here is a tribute to all who have paved the way for the United States to be who, where and what when and how we are.  This post contains a few different media to celebrate our history.

“I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.  And I won’t forget (those) who died who gave that right to me.” — Lee Greenwood

  “The Men Who Died Too Soon”

The flag flies over this land of the brave and the free
as a symbol of the liberty enjoyed by you and me.
It flutters in the breeze of a quiet afternoon
reflecting sounds of battles in which men died too soon.

The flag flies overhead in cities and in towns
where people seek a haven from worlds turned upside-down.
It tries, gallantly, to honor, on quiet afternoons,
memories of warriors — young men who died too soon.

The flag flies overhead — unseen, by some, it seems,
who hurry on their separate ways in search of private dreams.
It waves farewell then, it appears, with the rise of the evening moon,
it gently reaches out to touch the men who died too soon.

–John Posey



This version of the Star Spangled a Banner was recorded by David Phelps, an incredibly gifted vocalist, who besides a solo career has sung with the Gaither Vocal Band.