Dear Younger Self, Changing Life’s Ending

Dear Younger Self, Me as a baby with my father, 1971.


Dear Younger Self,


Do you have regrets? Do you wish you had done things differently in life?  Do you wish you had made some better choices?  Pursued a different career? Taken up a different hobby?  Gone for that earlier promotion?

Yes I do.  Opportunities of which I have failed to take advantage, relationships I have failed to maintain, words spoken I wish I could take back, words held back I wish I would have spoken.

What if  though, we could change the outcome of our lives by coaching ourselves when we were younger?

This weekend at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA I had the pleasure along with my younger son Garrett of attending a concert of Jeremy Camp and Mercy Me.  Mercy Me has a great new song out called “Dear Younger Me”, which describes this idea very well.  What if you could pen a letter from yourself today to yourself from years ago, telling what you have learned, the outcomes of choices you made, the consequences of actions taken.  This is a fascinating concept to me.  Kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of deal.  Well I initially took this path and this is where I ended up.  What if I had made choice #2 back there where would that have taken me?

Looking back on life has advantages.  If we had this ability we would protect certain friendships more, we would love deeper and focus more on the who we are with than the what we are doing.  Life is often fleeting. But life is about learning from our mistakes, getting up again after falling down.

But, we can change the outcome of our lives from this point forward!

As a life coach I work with clients who want to change the course of their life.  Sometimes the changes are minimal, applying for a promotion, embarking on a new hobby.  Sometimes bigger changes, transferring to a new state, divorce or marriage, a career change…

If you were to write  letter to your younger self, what would you say? “Dear Younger Self,  hold on to that friendship with (name here),  go ahead and go on that vacation even though money is tight,  why not get those flowers for that new girl in college?…” What experiences would you have changed?  What relationships would you have held onto stronger?  What places would you have visited, what activities would you have undertaken?

How would your life be different today had you made those choices?  Why not start today to make the changes necessary to get to where you want to be?  Call or text 425-205-8810 and lets get you on the right path!

I leave you with this video of “Dear Younger Me” by Mercy Me