“Cruise Control”

This week the cruise control went out in my car. Now, I drive an Olds Cutlas Ciera 1989, so having things go out is not too surprising. I really only use cruise control for a small stretch of my commute to and from work, so it’s is not something that I will miss too much, just a minor inconvenience.

Cruise control has a lot of benefits. It can prevent driver fatigue, it can keep you from getting a speeding ticket (the reason I used it during my morning commute in my town), and it can save on gas consumption.

Occcasionally though, due to lack of attention, cruise control can keep you from ae you wanted to be?djusting to road conditions, or even miss a turn.

In life are you headed down the road to your dream and goals on cruise control, or did you miss your turn off and now find yourself off target from where you wanted to be?

Coaching will point you back in the direction you want to be in!