Before and After







Before                                                          After

We have all seen the images. Two pictures of the same young person, one with severe acne the other without. Maybe it is two pictures of the same room one before renovation the other after. The two photos accompanying this article are my residence. One before our recent paint job, one after. (BTW Amsberrys Painting is a great company to hire if you are in the market for house painting in the greater Seattle area. Quick, great quality, professional painters.)  As I was watching this process move forward I was pondering the concept of “before and after” comparisons. In nearly every case there is movement from something seemingly inferior, dull or broken, to something superior, beautiful or fixed up.  There is also tremendous value associated with the change in appearance.

As a life coach, my focus is on valuable change for an individual. However, the change I focus on is not merely external, but internal. Change that really matters and really lasts comes from within.

Confidence, direction, purpose, peace…these are the things on which coaches work.

Have a great day!