Becoming Overcomers

Oftentimes we go through life moving at a very fast pace.  Sometimes along the road we see warning signs of obstacles ahead in our path, but more often, they just appear out of nowhere.  It might be a section of “unpaved road” that is very rough and bumpy, maybe it’s a dead end?! Sometimes it looms large like a mountain that must be climbed. When faced with seemingly impossible obstacles like this what do you do?  Do you have obstacles in your life right now that seem too big?  A health diagnosis, financial struggles, relational struggles, a devastating injury,…these can all seem larger than life and too big to get through.

There are a couple of ways to get started in overcoming obstacles. The Traversing Roads Yonder logo can help with these ideas.


The backpack of the hiker in this logo represents the tools you carry with you through life. Get a realistic assessment of the tools you have at your disposal.  When we don’t use tools frequently, we forget they exist.  Experiences we have had in the past can give us insight in how to overcome our current situation.  We can always look to friends and neighbors for help, advice, and guidance.  Sometimes just re-evaluating skills you have learned at other jobs or in other situations can open your mind to new ways of thinking about the obstacles you face.

The logo above also communicates forward movement. It’s about taking that first step, or stepping out in faith, as well as overcoming the obstacles in your path. It’s important keep moving.  One thing I have found frequently with clients is a pyschological paralysis in moving forward.  There is a fear of what might happen… an uncertainty of success…. maybe a hesitancy that there isn’t a better path or course to take.  However, movement creates opportunities! Staying put doesn’t bring you closer to where you want to go. You must make the effort to get there yourself. No one ever won a race by standing still.

So when faced with obstacles in your life, whatever they may be, keep moving forward and keep your tools close by. You, too, will be an over-comer!

For today’s Motivating Modern Media Monday submission here is a video by the beautiful and wonderfully talented Mandisa  about being an Overcomer.